• EchoVibes BlueTooth & Water Resistant Earphones.

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    Presenting EchoVibes Bluetooth Wireless Earphones
    The ergonomic design takes WIRELESS EARPHONES to a new level of COMFORT and QUALITY, allowing you FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT without the constraints of being attached to your device! Wireless earphones are mostly too heavy and bulky in the ear. Vibes keep weight to a minimum, and with INCREDIBLE SOUND QUALITY these earphones are a MUST HAVE. A nano-technology finish has created a WATERPROOF product, so no worries about the rain, sweat or swimming with them in use.



    Water-resistant, bluetooth earphones in designed and engineered to accompany you on your journey, whether in the gym, on the move, or for a swim.

    Earphones should be created with you in mind. We’ve paired quality style with an ergonomic design. The earpieces each have a 50mAh battery so the weight distribution provides perfect balance in the smallest possible form. The remote is simple and lightweight so it won’t pull at one side. The fit is incredible with multiple earpiece options included so you can choose which works best for you, blocking out ambient noise and enhancing your audio experience.

    The EQ provides quality bass with uncompromised treble.

    Every element of EchoVibes make them the best value for money earphones on the market.



    Water Resistant

    Talk Time:        6.5 hours
    Play Time:       6.0 hours
    Standby:          250 hours
    Remote:           Volume, Start/Stop, Microphone
    Range:             Up to 60 feet (20 meters)
    Connectivity:   Bluetooth 4.1
    Charging:        via Micro-USB
    Battery:            50mAh*2

    Warranty:         2 Years


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