Fully Reversible Micro USB Sync & Charge Cable

Direct from factory.

No frills packaging just High Quality Cables.

Fully Reversible Micro USB Both Connectors.

USB 2.0 Type A plug to Micro USB 2.0.Sync & Charge cable.


  • 1 Meter Long.
  • We saved on packaging to allow for better quality.
  • These cables are well made with a 3.0 Amp Max rating.

These cables are also 4 mm in diameter.


These cables are also shielded (There should be no problem when power is conducted through the shield. The shielding will most of the time have significantly higher maximum sustainable current than the very thin wire inside the today's average USB cable.)

Fully Reversible Micro USB Sync & Charge Cable

Micro USB
  • 1 Metre Long. 3.0 Amp Max rating. Shielded from electrical interference. Made from Thermoplastic.9A combination of PET and rubber for strength & durability.

Credit & Debit Cards Accepted

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