Helio Incredible Brightness Indoor/Outdoor


Helio, A Camping Lantern

HELIO dramatically improves the most important aspects of the camping lantern experience. 
It introduces advanced NEW form of lantern, which is combined with a power bank. 

Helio, Not Only A Camping Lantern

When you want HELIO to be lighter, smaller, and multifunctional. 
The magnet and the hook at its back can make you use it anywhere you like.


You can easily plug HELIO into a power bank when you at your campsite.

Incredible Brightness

Due to our latest technology, the luminance of HELIO can reach 220 Lumens. 
It’s almost the same as flashlight, and way more brighter than the normal lantern in the market.

Ultra Lightweight

HELIO weighs just 45g, even smaller and lighter than an egg. 
With this size and this weight, HELIO can be easily put into your backpack and you can hardly feel its weight. 
Wherever you are, it’s all here.

Helio Incredible Brightness Indoor/Outdoor

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