ST001 - Teleconference Button Enclosure

The PolySmooth process will incur an additional cost of $5.00 per unit.

 Post-Processing Machine : Polymaker Polysher is a post-processing machine designed for polishing the extrusion-based FDM/FFF 3D printed parts with PolySmooth to achieve a sealed surface dependant on time frame of Polishing.Our finish requires 25 minutes in the Polysher.

Teleconference Button Enclosure

Clour Options : Black & White

This Button Enclosure suits the Barco ClickShare Button CS-100.

Enclosure has two convenient holes for mounting to wall or other hard surfaces. 

  • Model Number ST001.
  • Clour : Black & White.
  • 70mm x 65mm x 25.84mm. 

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ST001 - Teleconference Button Enclosure

PriceFrom AU$50.00
Teleconference Button Desktop.