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Which Hbcu Has The Best Pharmacy Program

#5 Best HBCU Schools in America.Xavier University of Louisiana. 4 Year,NEW ORLEANS, LA,1211 Niche users give it an average review of 3.4 stars. Featured Review: Junior says Xavier University of Louisiana is a make-or-break school. This school has allowed me to come to a realization of the difference between winners and people who want a handout. (19:05) Clark discusses the impact the closing of HBCU schools of pharmacy, like Meharry and Leonard, had on African American healthcare and the provision of African American pharmacists.

Many of the African American patients could not receive adequate pharmaceutical services from the predominantly white drug stores, making services more limited. 1. Howard University. Washington DC is “Chocolate City” for more reasons than one. Not only is it home to the US Capital, it houses one of the most renowned HBCU medical schools- Howard University. Founded in 1868, Howard is the number one all-black medical school in the country. With a diverse student body, they have a reputation.

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