Quick Charge Power Adaptor

Portable All-In-One USB Adaptor: Quick Charge Power Adaptor

Are you searching for a portable, all-in-one power adaptor? Maybe you need a quick charge power adaptor so you'll be ready to boot up your technology at a moment's notice. Then you've come to the right place. At SimTech Technology, we provide a variety of chargers, adaptors, cables, and other tech accessories.

Take our PD 45 W power adaptor, for example. It boasts a USB-C outlet and is compatible as a quick charge power adaptor for USB 3.0 devices. PD means power delivery. This portable all-in-one adaptor is a universal standard that can fast-charge a variety of devices that may only use a USB-C at 5V3A. It has an Australian AC connector, and surge protection. Not to mention, Thunderbolt 3 compatibility.

You'll find what you need at SimTech Technology. We offer everything from the portable all-in-one USB adaptor that fills your needs for a quick charge power adaptor—plus all the  cables you need to make sure you're in business when you need your technology up and running. We offer only high-quality, well-sourced products to ensure our customers' satisfaction.

From charging and data cables to camping, lighting, and emergency service tech, you can count on SimTech to provide you with the tech accessories you need. What's more—our philosophy is all about the minimization of our footprint on our environment.

To that end, we store as much data electronically as possible and only print when needed. We also believe in recycling any bi-products. We often reuse packaging when we ship our products to minimize our impact and to maintain our footprint philosophy. So, you may find reused packaging—but what's inside the package is what counts. Check us out and get in touch if you have any questions.